We are a team of activists in Berlin. The extinction of species, the climate crisis, global and local injustice and the inertia of governments motivate us to take a practical approach to social and ecological transformation NOW. Instead of just fighting the harmful industries, we want to help build the alternatives for city and country from the ground up. Fun, cordiality, learning together, courage and the joy of experimentation characterise our cooperation.

Our work can be roughly divided into three areas:

Campaign and public relations work, events

This area includes all activities that help to make the idea and narrative of the Transformation Centre for All known in Berlin and nationwide.

Alliance building, community building

We approach practitioners, scientific institutes and potential partners in order to integrate their knowledge and ideas into the overall concept. In this way, old hands in the sustainability scene often find their way into active participation. Or they help to make the idea better known and encourage similar initiatives elsewhere. Because a better society also requires a better culture of togetherness, we value eye-to-eye contact, active listening and enough time to get to know each other personally. We are sure that this is how robust relationships and revolutionary ideas are born.

Concept work

Our goal is to present an overall concept for the transformation centre for all on Tempelhofer Feld by autumn. This will be done in specialist working groups, in which activists and those eager to learn will work together with experts to develop thematic sub-concepts, which we will then bring together in a series of three conferences in September to form an overall concept.