Working groups

Specialist WGs

In the expert working groups, the possible sub-aspects of the social-ecological training centre on the site are explored in greater depth. Through ongoing refinement, coordination and concretisation, they will jointly develop an overall concept for this transformation centre for all by autumn 2021.

Building WG
Airport buildings fit for the future. Renovation needs and sustainable solutions in the entire building sector.

Energy working group
We make our own energy! Fair, regional and self-determined. How do we manage to recycle the materials we need around renewables?

AG Agriculture
Urban/indoor gardening, forest gardens, mushroom cultivation, humus build-up, soil regeneration, agroforestry, agrosolar, water management, permaculture.

Mobility WG
Mobile in town and country, climate-neutral transport solutions, training in bicycle repair, construction of special cargo bikes.

WG Repair / Reuse, Material Cycle
What professions does a closed material cycle need, what training? Cooperation with BSR?

WG Kiezleben
Transformation locally. We anchor the conceptual work to the needs of the residents in the surrounding neighbourhoods. To this end, we network with existing groups and invite them to open neighbourhood meetings.

Sister Projects Working Group
There are many similar centres and projects in German-speaking countries and beyond. Mutual exchange of experience. Alliance building. Developing a “how-to transformation centre for all” for the nationwide campaign.

WG Art & Culture
Which projects can be brought to the site this year? Networking with the transformative art scene

Legal/Economic WG
What legal and economic structures do we need to think about? What other/ new structures do we need?

Supporting WGs

WG Coordination/Process
Campaign WG
Public Relations & Social Media WG
WG Fundraising
WG Alliance & Networking
WG Regeneration, Community and Structure
WG Onboarding / Café
WG Technical Support