Come aboard!

A place for all

An invitation to the future and its working world

In the heart of Berlin there is an ideal place for this socio-ecological transformation: Tempelhofer Feld and its buildings. This place is a common good which belongs to all Berliners, and it is perfect for a turnaround that is social and just – there, we will create a home for the jobs of the future.

Education, self-sufficiency, and a circular economy for the Berlin-Brandenburg region

All this will be here, if you want it. Together, we will collect the knowledge and skills for socio-ecological transformation that already exist everywhere out of their niches and build a broad alliance: We all – each and every one of us – have the right to a climate-just job. Now we are claiming this right by claiming a place where such jobs can be created.

Germany’s first transformation centre for all is to be built on Tempelhofer Feld and in the airport buildings.

Important: Everything we plan is completely compatible with the THF law – the field must not and should not be built on.